Trouble Shooting the Gasolec Heater

Malfunctioning of G12 Heaters in the field

Troubleshooting Gas Heaters

This article covers: gas heater not lighting, thermocouple settings, fixing a gas heater, the right angle for your poultry heater.

It happens that customers are not satisfied about the performance of some products. In some cases small things can make a big difference. This message is intended as a list of some field experiences with G12 heaters and others can learn from these experiences.

G12 heaters where the pilot flame guards are missing or not in the correct position.

how to make a gas heater work

how to make a gas heater work in a chicken housePicture 1: pilot flame guard missing.

Picture 2: pilot flame guard not installed correctly.

Picture 3: pilot flame guard in wrong position.

Picture 4: pilot flame guard CORRECT.

The G12-Asco and G12-Maxi come both with a pilot flame ignition system. The pilot flame is to be burning at all times and because of that there is a pilot flame guard around it.

If this pilot flame guard is not installed correctly, air currents can blow out the pilot flame!

In today’s modern poultry houses, especially in the summer, we see air moving at high speeds and this makes a protection of the pilot flame even more important!


Thermocouple slipping down / Pilot flame does not heat tip of thermocouple.

gas heater not igniting when I switch it onthermo couple problem on poultry warmer






The picture on the left is the correct position – the picture on the right has a guide bracket that is aimed in the wrong direction.

In both pictures the pilot flame guard is left out to show the situation more clearly!

The Pilot flame needs to be aimed at the TIP of the thermocouple by the pilot flame guiding bracket. This can go wrong for the following reasons:

–  The pilot flame guiding bracket is not in the right angle => bent the flame guide bracket!

– The thermocouple is not in correct position; it needs to be pushed upwards => sometimes the thermocouple holder is not working correctly and it needs to be replaced.

If the tip of the thermocouple is not heated => there is no electric current going to the safety device => the safety device cuts of the gas supply  => the heater goes off.

 G12 heaters installed at an angle

 the best angle for a hanging gas heater





The G12 heaters are especially designed to create a uniform heating distribution around the heater and in order to do so, the G12 heaters need to be installed horizontally.

An other point is that because of the design of the pilot flame guard, air movements inside a poultry house have much less effect on the pilot flame when the unit is installed horizontally then when it is installed at an angle.

G12 with dirty jets / dirty pilot flame jets.

Problems with dirt in jets that lead to partly or complete blocking of these jets regular happen.

This problem can be caused by many things and it is important that farmers consider all these things.

Possible causes are:

– Dirt coming with the gas in the tank / gas bottle, sometimes there is a greasy substance in gas bottles that blocks the whole system.

– Metal parts / splinters / pieces of plastic sealing tape left in the gas line during the installation of the gas line.

– Corrosion and therefore rust pieces in the gas lines.

– Moisture / condense water / cleaning water descending to the lowest point which sometimes is the jet or the pilot flame jet. These drips carry dirt that remains after the water has evaporated!

– Dirt entering the hose socket / gas hose during periods of storage.

It is important to take preventive measurements like:

  • Insist on good quality gas from your gas supplier
  • Clean the gas lines with air after the installation AND each time after changes have been made to the installation => most foreign materials in the gas lines will be forced out because of that.
  • Position the T-connections in the gas line from which the gas hose goes to the heaters in such a way that they aim upwards! In this way any foreign material in the gas line will most likely stay in the main gas line instead of continuing through the gas hose to the heaters.
  • When not using the heaters put them in a plastic bag => dirt & dirty condense can not reach the heaters. We have even seen germinating seeds inside safety devices that caused the safety device to malfunction!

When the flame is yellow this could be caused by:

 Lack of oxygen !!!!!how to make a gas heater work

  1. dirty jet
  2. not the right pressure at the inlet of the PR30 regulator in front of the G12
  3. not enough ventilation in the house which give low oxygen
  4. wrong kind of gas
  5. by using LPG: in the beginning the heater will use a lot of propane and at when the tank/bottle become more empty there is only butane left, which also gives a more yellowish flame, solution refill tank or bottle.
  6. dirty filter
  7. changing or cleaning the jet: be sure that this jet is screwed in properly

This article shows troubleshooting gas heater and when a gas heater not lighting – while it does not cover all possibilities it covers most of the problems you may encounter. Item,s like the thermocouple are easy to sort out if you know how – so fixing a gas heater is now a breeze.


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  1. Hope

    Hi. My elder brother just bought these G12 brooders and unfortunately pass on in a car accident before he could use them. I wished to carry on his legacy in broiler business, but I am struggling to operate these brooders. he had unpacked them and I cant find the manual. can you help?


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